Saturday, 21 July 2012

Batubian Magnetic Goat Finished

Whilst exploring the dense forests of the island, the compasses used by Scoffer’s party would occasionally go haywire, needles pointing in all directions, sometimes even spinning. The reason for this strange phenomenon became apparent when some of the Island’s native goats were captured and kept in a pen. The goats possessed natural magnetic force and when gathered in number, could exert a considerable attraction upon ferrous items.
It has been suggested that they may have utilised the earth’s magnetic field in order to navigate, rather like some migratory birds.

Giant Groochie Bird finished

These birds occupied the uplands to the north of the island, building their nests on open ground. They lived mainly off coconuts which they were able to crack open by smashing them repeatedly against rocks. They were highly protective of their young and could be extremely dangerous, using their powerful legs and claws to attack intruders.