Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sabre Tooth Cat

I’ve always loved sabre-toothed cats. When I was a kid I really wanted all the classic Aurora monster models. I never got any of these, but I did manage to obtain (for a steal) some of their prehistoric kits; cavemen, tar pit, and my favourite, the sabre tooth. The bases kind of locked together and I had them laid out in my bedroom like a tiny Natural History museum display. Sadly, I no longer have them, as they now fetch pretty serious prices on eBay.

Cutie Dragon Commish

The brief for this dragon commission specified that he had to be adorable; so I played down all of the dragon’s malevolent characteristics and ramped up the cute factor to 11. When I was sculpting him I was thinking about a book ‘The Flight of Dragons’ illustrated by fellow Midlands artist Wayne Anderson at the end of the 70’s. I didn’t take it off my bookshelf and revisit it until I finished sculpting, but I can detect a slight influence, especially in the huge, soulful eyes.