Q: How can I purchase your sculptures?
A:  By contacting me via the email link on  the profile page on my blog
Q: Can I see your work and purchase through a commercial gallery?
A: Not at the moment, I’m currently only selling via direct online sale.
Q: Do you sell via Ebay or Etsy?
A: Sometimes, I keep a mailing list for news of these; just email me to be added to it.
Q: Do you produce multiples or limited editions of your work?
A: No, all of my sculptures are original one-off unique pieces.
Q: Can I commission a sculpture?
A: Yes, I’m always happy to undertake commissions
Q: Can you recreate a sculpture that is has already been sold?
A: Yes, but as all my sculptures are individually made there will be differences between them, preserving their uniqueness.
Q: Can I reserve a sculpture that has appeared on the blog before it is complete?
A: Providing it is not a commissioned piece or someone has not already done so, yes.
Q: What are the shipping charges likely to be?
A: Shipping is charged at cost, it varies depending on location/size/weight etc.
Q: What are the sculptures made of?
A: Usually earthenware clay, fired in a kiln. Painting is usually in acrylics. Some details may be made of epoxy clay for greater strength. Most sculptures are mounted onto a wooden base

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